• Will my ideas really make a difference?

    This contest gives you the opportunity to create something that literally thousands of students, staff and faculty here at UBC could use on a daily basis. Let your ideas run wild and you could create the next digital revolution. Some of the world’s most successful businesses started with a simple idea piloted on a university campus — ever heard of Facebook?

  • What kinds of ideas are you looking for?

    We’re looking for a new mobile app or service that could dramatically enhance the UBC experience. This could take on many forms and the topic is purposely broad. To help you get started, you may want to review UBC’s mission statements on the university website or view our sample submissions.

  • How do I enter?

    First of all, make sure that you’ve read the contest rules, regulations and entry instructions. Register your team by filing out the registration form. We’ll be in touch with you shortly afterwards.

  • What kinds of resources are available to me?

    If you have specific needs, please email us. We will be hosting a hackathon on December ??, providing a space to work, internet access, web servers and technical assistance for programming projects. All entrants are welcome to drop in for a chat, whether or not they decide to stay and work.

  • Do I have to be a programmer?

    No — this contest is open to any team with an idea. See entry requirements for more specific details.

  • Do I have to be from UBC?

    Currently, the Digital*U contest is only open to those affiliated with UBC in some way. (Students, alumni, faculty, and so on.) If you do have questions or concerns about this, however,you can shoot us an email at digitalu@magic.ubc.ca explaining your situation.

  • Who owns the code and ideas produced by the contest?

    All submissions will become the exclusive property of UBC to display, distribute, develop and apply as it so chooses. Applicants will be invited to become beneficial participants in the further refinement and development of their ideas, should that take place. Applicants may optionally choose to develop their ideas as their own ventures in conjuntion with the UBC MAGIC Lab and/or within UBC programs such as entrepreneurship@UBC.

  • Are there any limits on team size?

    Nope! You can even enter as a team of one, if you’d like.

  • Can I enter more than once?

    A maximum of two (2) entries will be considered from any individual or group.

  • Who can I contact for more information?

    You can get a hold of us by email at digitalu@magic.ubc.ca