The UBC MAGIC Lab in cooperation with UBC IT Services hosts a UBC mobile application hackathon. Spend the day dreaming up and building a new mobile application or service to enhance the UBC experience… What kind of mobile app would make UBC a much better place for you? By participating you will be automatically entered into the UBC Digital *U contest to win up to $5000! There will be cool prizes for the best hacks as well.


If you’re looking for a partner to co-develop something, please get there by 9:30 AM so you have time to mingle and hook up.

We’ll get started at 10AM, with a few words from people at MAGIC while you have some of the coffee and donuts we’re providing. Then someone will present some info on Digital U and the Kurogo platform, and we’ll get to work.

Around 12:30, we’ll get some lunch, which you can help yourselves to.

At 5:00, everyone stops coding. After a quick bio break, each team that wants to will have five minutes to present their work to the group.