Location-based social notes apps

Team Member(s):

  • Juliette Link
  • Jessica Dawson
  • Thea Van Rossum

Project Proposal:

Making 45,000 students feel connected to their campus does not happen automatically. For the thousands of commuter students, UBC can become nothing more than scattered lecture halls; they bus to campus, go to class, then bus home. In order to help students feel connected to their campus, they need to be engaged with relevant, contextual information from people they can relate to – fellow students, alumni, staff or community members. We propose to create a GPS-enabled mobile phone application for location-based notes. This application would allow users to post and pick up virtual notes around campus. Notes would cover topics such as campus history, places to study, what movies have been filmed at a location, events, or even campus tours and scavenger hunts, and could be in picture, text or video format. Users would need to be at the desired location to pick up a note, which would encourage them to go outside and explore campus. Similar types of applications already exist, like GPS based tour guides and the web service Findery. However, unlike existing applications, our proposed application would combine official UBC information with user-generated notes, would be user moderated, and would be built with a focus on campus community.


  • 05/MAR/2013

    The project proposal has just been updated and you can learn more from the StickIt storyboard below: