Car polling app

Team Member(s):

  • Zaw Thura Tun

Project Proposal:

An app which lists people willing to carpool or in need of carpooling. People willing to carpool will have relevant information such as maximum vehicle occupancy, (storage capacity?), travelling location, approximate times of departure and possibly desired gas fare. People in need of carpooling will display relevant information such as baggage, desired time of departure, desired location, and possibly payment. The app has two categories for people ‘providing’ and ‘in-need’ of carpooling, but it can also make ‘hookups’. Every ‘in-need’ entry is checked for providers. Every ‘provider’ is checked for relevant ‘in-needers’. Automated carpool request or provision can also be set for people who do routine grocery runs or school transits. May also include a carbon emissions meter to show the benefits of carpooling.