Mobile clickers

Team Member(s):

  • Junhao Shi
  • Orkhan Muradov

Project Proposal:

The existing popular classroom voting system – i>clicker is powerful considering the fact that it increases the interactivity of the classroom activity, and that it allows students to provide feedback in an efficient way. However, the system requires everyone to buy an i>clicker remote and to bring it to the class, which is inconvenient. Nowadays, mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets are becoming universal. Our project focuses on how to make use of these devices to support classroom activities, and in a better way if possible. A web-click system will be built, which covers most of the major cell phones or tablets platforms, such as iOS, Android, etc. Also, SMS service will be included to support students who don’t own above devices and are not willing to buy one. By involving these devices, students will have a larger range of choices of which device to choose from for their classroom activity.