2012-2013 Winners Announced


Thanks to everyone who came and participated in today’s event. Your tough questions and votes were very much appreciated. Thanks to everyone who watched us online. Thank you to all of our judges who had the difficult task of evaluating all of the finalists.

Congratulations to all the finalists for making it this far in the competition. Finally, congratulations to our winners!



Once again, we’d like to thank our hosts, UBC IT and Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre (MAGIC) and sponsors, Wavefront AC and Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology for helping organize the 1st Digital *U competition.

We’d like everyone to stay tuned for more news about V.2.0 of the competition coming soon. This first round is focused on mobile apps but in the words of one of our judges, David Vogt:

There are so many dimensions of the future UBC in a digital sense… How we can make UBC the smartest campus in the world; leveraging all the facilities, the multicultural, global community we have here.

Let us know in the comments your response to the question, “what theme should Digital *U tackle next”?

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Trophy icon by Pedro Ramalho from the Noun Project.